Light at the end of the tunnel

 Betty and Benji ventured out all the time keeping a wary eye out for Mr McGregor.  Its OK said Betty I can't see him BUT  I can see all those lovely carrots.  Come On Benji.  Benji was a bit more on the cautious side and didn't rush out as quickly as Betty.  They had gone a goodly way from the tunnel  and were gathering up the carrots when Benji looked up and spied Mr McGregor approaching with his gun..  Run Betty Run shouted Benji.  Betty ran but hesitated briefly to throw down some Kit Kats.  I remember hearing she said that hunters like a Kit Kat moment and maybe he will take one and we can run back to the tunnel.  They ran and Mr McGregor chased after them and stopped when he saw the KIt Kats Hmm he said I suppose I might as well have one of these = they will be back out soon.         To be concluded

Thank you KG for the help in setting this up

This morning I went into Thornbury  KG went to play badminton and I did various bits and  pieces. wandered back to the car park and couldn't find the car.  Apparently the car park was really full when KG got there and couldn't park i  his usual place -  he did park nearby but it was shielded by another car and I couldn't see it until I went further up the car park.

Nice sunny day today but that wind is still cool

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