Thats a strange title but it is an amalgamation of two photos that I took today. It might not fully work but it is an experiment of sorts and a lack of interesting photographs. To explain the title it is young Cian with the young buds that are popping out all over the place.

We went round to see the said boy and his sister and parents to catch up and drop off his birthday present. Apparently Cian and Esme had watered my plants and did very well. They were instructed to do so by their Mum. I didn't even phone Cian as I said I would. He wondered how he would get my message. ( he doesn't have a phone as he is only 6 but coming up 7)  When we arrived the kids went mad............I dont really know why they do this ??? Cian smacked me on the bottom which he thought was hilarious and Esme poked me in the boobs and told me I was a fatty bum. Glad they are getting all that nonsense out of their system. The  noise got loud and as I had been shopping and was stressed ( I hate it ) I didn't take to it very well. Never mind its all a stage.

Now dinner is ready and I will edit this later.

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