Kwakitutl thunderbird


We've been waiting for some building work to be done in the house for a few weeks and this morning the builder called to say that they could start the work tomorrow........Without a moment of hesitation, my husband agreed, wanting the work to go ahead when an opportunity arose.  I had a small nervous breakdown when I heard!  However we set to work clearing the lounge and the very large cupboard under the stair and got Rosie booked into the cattery.  

An emergency blip, now backblipped as I couldn't find what I had done with the laptop in the chaos of the house.  It is one of a pair of tea towels we were given on our recent visit to Vancouver.  The Thunderbird is a legendary creature of the Kwakitutl peoples' history and culture, the indigenous people of British Columbia and Vancouver Island.

Our cousin who gave us these tea towels had a heart valve replacement and pacemaker at age 86.  She's home from hospital already.  She's marvellous.  

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