By hpx

Hello Day

I got my extra hour of sleep last night and felt super charged this morning.

As I biked off from where I park my car I knew it was going to be a great day. And it was.

Plenty of pep in my tank, I felt more in control of my work load at work, and I loved my bike ride to and from work.

It's a privilege to be able to bike part of the way to work on a dedicated cycle way. I don't mind the nearby motorway on one side of me. It's not chokka and on the other side is a mix of semi-rural and housing development, until I come to the end of the cycle way where it becomes commercial buildings.

At this time of the year I see the sunrise on the way in and heading home city gives way to residential and semi-rural again as I peel off the kilometers.

Today I felt like I was heading home and I love how the sky opens up as I head away fro town.

I'll be at home until Wednesday when I next go back to work. I want this time to be restorative and restful. I need rest and relaxation to recover from what has been a long and sustained period of stress.

That doesn't mean I'll be on the couch for days on end but it does mean my focus is to restore and find balance.

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