Fresh New Leaves

Dont you love it when the fresh new growth comes out. I like the sparliness and the fresh colour of the new leaves. This stage doesn't last too long so must grab it in photograph and note when leaves are all out to catch the rays. The extra shot is of a pale pink flowering currant bush. OK its a common plant but I think its lovely to see at this time of year. Unfortunately it doesn't have a lot of interest past this stage for the rest of the growing season. I now have to consider plants to grow in a small garden cause that is what we are going to have. Another small challenge coming up. 
Today I just took a walk round the town and took various photos. It was quite bright and dry but quite cold and I had to wear my gloves. Crazy but I was really tired after this............ Bloody sepsis after effects. I will get better when I start on the new garden as I will be fully motivated, I hope.

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