Mostly Six Five Oh

By nhc

Broadway, 8:30 p.m., a very pleasant 64ºF.  Took an after dinner walk around the neighborhood to get some air.

The biopsy results on Doyle are ok.  The adrenal mass has not metastasized; however, the results from lymph glands in her abdomen need further investigation.  She's been cleared for surgery to remove the adrenal mass - it's a big surgery with several weeks recovery so we have to plan time off.  The internist said we could wait a little while as she's been stable on the meds and I've managed to get her weight up.  When they do the surgery they'll do a bigger biopsy to check for lymphoma.

It's been a heavy week juggling several other important matters so comments are off for a little bit until I regroup.  x

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