Flowering cherries in the Woodland Trust

Came out of the back door of the running machine at the gym this morning. Scampering along at a bit of a lick (for me) all of a sudden I lost my footing and was ejected off the machine with some force. My first thought was that the belt had jogged causing me to stumble but it could have been my shoe catching the side of the machine.

I think I was very fortunate to come away with a bruise to my elbow and a long graze along the back of my arm. I could have hit my head or broken my arm. Many people came over to see if I was ok and I had to fill in an accident form but I was able to complete the run and the rest of the session.

There may be some effects tomorrow morning but I was able to go to the allotment in the afternoon for a couple of hours. Today's blip in nearby in the Woodland Trust near Bearsted Church. I wanted to capture the flowering cherries at their best despite the dull, flat light as this magnificent spectacle lasts only a few days.

We watched Springwatch in Japan in the evening where the flowering cherries are integral to their spring festival. Never thought about Japan as a place to see, having second thoughts now.

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