Catching Pokemons

I had too much coffee before bedtime yesterday, so it took ages for me to fall asleep. And then the boys decided that 6 am was a good time to get up! 

I took them for an early morning walk, whilst the rest of the family slept a little longer.

I was home at 7.30 and my sister was up and busy preparing a yummy breakfast with freshly baked bread, eggs and bacon and fresh fruits. Mmmmm....

When we had eaten, I packed my stuff in the car and we all drove to Frederiksborg Castle to catch Pokemons. It was great and the dogs really enjoyed the long walk. 

These are my nephews, who are busy with their Pokemons and Biscuit, who is telling them to get moving. It was lucky that they did not mistake Biscuit for a Pokemon and caught him! :-D

When we had had enough of Pokemon hunting, it was time for the boys and I to start our journey home. 

It has been a wonderful weekend.
See you tomorrow.
Emmy and the Hazyland Boys

PS. Check out my blip from yesterday too - Hero and Gollum winning their classes at a dog dancing competition. 

Oh and check out my extra picture today too - my sister, nephews and the boys in front of the castle. 

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