I have come down with a whopping virus. Nose, ears, eyes, throat. Everything above my collar bone is burning and streaming. I felt terrific yesterday, woke this morning with a scratchy throat, and tonight, as I write this, I thought I was going to be at the symphony with Sue. We had great tickets, and the featured piece is Debussy’s La Mer, which seems the right thing to hear after a troubling French election, and there is a piece by Toshio Hosokawa I was really looking forward to hearing. 

Instead I am sucking zinc lozenges, eating oranges, blowing my nose every three seconds, and drinking copious fluids. I have a new box of tissues and a blanket over me, and I hope this will run its course quickly because I really want to be healthy in a hurry. Tomorrow Piper Kerman is in town and we have dinner plans; my friend Devorah is arriving Thursday; Sue’s sister Peg arrives Friday; the Climate March is Saturday; and then there’s May Day, and May 2nd is Sue's birthday. What a horrible time to get a cold!

So tonight here is my first MonoMonday submission, some stones Sue brought me from Sedona back in 2013. I keep them on my dresser as a reminder of the quest for balance--a quest never satisfied, because as soon as you think you have it, it’s gone.

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