Anzac Day 2017

Anzac Day in NZ is the remembering and looking back on the courage and fortitude of our NZ  and Australian soldiers who fought in the Allied forces in so many wars. April the 25th is a public holiday both here and in Australia.
Wonderful service this morning, huge crowd of all ages and down the main street a great static display focusing on Passchendaele as in October it will be 100 years from that event.
It is amazing over the last few years the resurgence of people of all ages that turn out all over NZ for the ANZAC services. ANZAC being the Australian New Zealand Army Core. Our two countries fought along side each other in support of Britain which away back then we looked on as the mother land.
"At the going down of the sun and in the morning we will remember them"
Do look at the extras  as well

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