Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK

Lime Green!

So many lovely acts of kindness today! Another good friend brought a whole box of dinner food, another, lovely daffodils, and a good neighbor also brought several nice veggie fare. Wow! Will try to blip tomorrow in some creative fashion.

But I need to record The main event of the day ----ANOTHER TRIP trip to the ortho clinic and an X-ray (before and after) and a new cast! ( the 4th). So I promise no more for 2 weeks (Laneylou- don't even look at this!) when it will be a take-off one. Hurray. This one bends a little bit at the elbow ..greatly appreciated. Just not side to side. My favorite color.

The tulips were assaulted with HAIL today

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