I was surprised to find out that this was an immature White Ibis; I guess they lose the brown feathers and grow back all white ones. I saw him while with Maura this morning at Sweetwater Wetlands. We also saw several big alligators and one very young alligator today. I will include a photo of the beautiful juvenile alligator; I hope he survives, Maura said the males will often kill them. :-((   I just had to add extra photo of all I saw at the wetlands. Please check out Maura's photos of the wetlands this morning:  Maura's photos
Sadly I left Gainesville and Maura's lovely hospitality about noon today and I drove back to Winter Park (Near Orlando). I took the back roads and wandered off to see anything that looked interesting... birds, flowers, fruit stands, trails, lakes, quaint little I barely got back here before dinner time. We had a lovely dinner at the Olive Garden. My friend is still tired, but feeling much better.
Thanks for visiting....see you tomorrow.  Also, thanks for all the stars and hearts for yesterday's butterfly! 

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