Game-Day (aka Massacre in the Jungle!)

I am back-blipping from yesterday, as it was too late to be faffing about doing Blip when we arrived home.

The day started with a stressful trip to the Vet for Minstrel. It was only for his annual healthy cat check, but he found it stressful. It's the travelling he doesn't like. The vets' was very busy, with lots of loud dogs. There were even dogs with their owners in the cat only waiting area, which didn't help!

Anyway, he got a clean bill of health and we were on our way. The Vet said that as he is a fully indoor cat, he won't need the component of the vaccine that caused his bad reaction last time, so hopefully when he has to go next time we won't have that worry again.

Anyway, in the afternoon we went off to Castleford to watch Wigan Warriors in action for the first time this year. We were absolutely dire, and were slaughtered 54 points to 4! They made a lot of very silly mistakes, fell off tackles and at times just seemed to be watching Cas Tigers play rather than trying to stop them. 

Last year we had a similar disastrous result, and from there things seemed to improve. Injuries played a part in that one, and to a lesser extent this time around. On this occasion, I really was expecting a better performance though! Three more players were lost to injury during the game, so it may be a tough few weeks ahead. Hopefully the damage won't be too much to come back from.

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