Off the Rails

The theme for today's Mono Monday hosted by SkiMe is 'F8 and be there'. When I was a youth with my first 'real' camera I learned that F3.5 gives a blurred background and F8 would not. That was the extent of my photographic education, along with the skill of half pressing the shutter to get the focus. Life is so much easier with an iPhone, or so I believe not actually owning one and still using a traditional camera with an ever decreasing percentage of the photo-taking population.

Sorry, I'm babbling.....yes F8, the minimum aperture my camera will reach. I wasn't sure, short of using an aperture of F8, what the subject of this theme is aimed at so here's a photograph of the approach to Stratford Station demonstrating, I hope, a small amount of distance in focus.

In other news: I went into the Book Shop this afternoon even though it's a bank holiday, now there's dedication, mind I did leave at 4pm.

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