Monkey business

I went to Bako National Park today. I assumed the weather would follow the pattern of the last couple of days – hot and sunny with a thunderstorm in the late afternoon or evening. It didn’t. It started raining almost as soon as the boat landed in the national park and it rained non-stop until half an hour before the boat left to go back. My waterproofs were in the hostel. Lesson learned – next time I go to a rainforest, I assume it’ll rain!

After waiting in the cafe at the park HQ for a while, hoping the rain would stop, I decided to follow one of the trails through the forest. I picked one of the shorter walks (an hour and a half) and one where you had the best chance of seeing monkeys. I got drenched and didn’t see any monkeys. After a hot drink in the cafe when I got back, the rain started to ease up a little. I had just under an hour and a half before the boat left so I thought I’d go part way along another trail. But I didn’t get far because I found two Proboscis Monkeys hanging out near the boat jetty and spent and hour watching them instead.

I took loads of photos and was happy to see that, even at maximum zoom, quite a lot of them were in focus. It was really difficult to choose which photo to blip. There are lots in the extras! I also saw a Borneo Bearded Pig, another curious looking creature, who also features in the extras.

(Do WildWed entries have to be taken on Wednesday or is it like Derelict Sunday where the photo is from anytime that week? I couldn't find anything on the challenges page. I've tagged it but maybe shouldn't have.)

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