Rakes, smoke and yes! There are signs of spring

The day began slowly with a drink of tea outside in the garden, sitting in the lee of the house since it was blowing a bit of a gale. It was HOT. This is the joy of Sweden, fast springs that come out of nowhere.

Tai Chi in the garden was interesting, balancing on one foot I was wobbled by a gust of wind... I imagine that looked funny! So lovely to train outside, but also a lot harder with very uneven surfaces to negotiate - and a lot more distractions.

The day proceeded with some serious raking and tidying, cutting back and being careful not to rip up the soft new shoots. They were there after all, under the thick layer of last year's grass etc. See extra for evidence.

The blip is the burning of the piles of grass, with a bucket of water to hand of course. The wind was helpful and we were very careful, or rather Keith was. I just provided the burnables.

Speaking of which, I must attend to the dinner which is half ready on the stove and crackling away!

In other news: The bee sting I got on my ankle in Portugal 8 days ago is still really sore, red and quite swollen. I slept till 10 again which is an indication that rest is needed rather than high activity. And anti-histamines. Interesting how sensitive I was this time. Don't recall being this soft before when a bee showed interest in me. All the equally ancient mozzie bites are red and excited as well, but they are going down. 

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