Blue Flower

A good day today - went to Tesco and replenished  bread and essentials. I left KG cutting the front hedge and that should have kept him out of mischief - not quiet he did cut through the cable on one of the solar light.  After putting the shopping away I went out to see how he was getting on - I spotted a gorgeous blue butterfly and asked him to mind it for me while I got the camera - when I got back he said it has just gone the other side of the hedge.  Couldn't see it but just as well really as when I took another picture message came up no card.  Drat.  Anyhow I went back and got a card and no butterfly and so because it is Tiny Tuesday and this little blue flower is very tiny I blipped it.
Thanks to JDOf or hosting this one
This afternoon did some more sewing and added another two squares to my stash.
overcast start but lovely sunny afternoon

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