Des res with flowers round the entrance

We have a new resident in the clematis - nesting blackbirds. I love them. They were early birds and I spotted them being very busy when I put the kettle on at 6 30. I could not tear myself away so took hubby his cup of tea and then went to sit on the doorstep with my cuppa. Mrs B was extremely busy foraging for materials and flitting back and forth while Mr B did guard duty on the fence. I did help him when a massive crow swooped down and was poised on the fence ready to stick his beak into the new home. I swished a tea towel in that direction and off he flew. I think I got an approving look from Mr B. I am afraid they will have to fend for themselves for a couple of days and I will be devastated if anything happens to them.
I am off the radar for a few days so wish you all a happy weekend when it comes. Catch up soon.

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