Wild Wednesday 57- New Life

Had a trip down to Walsall Arboretum today to see if there were any ducklings or goslings about yet.  Took so many photographs it has taken me ages to decide which to use.  Tried to give a flavour of new life, from a Moorhen gathering twigs to take across the lake to a nest, a swan sitting on a nest, a Crested Grebe carrying his young on his back and baby coots.  I saw three separate coot families in various stages of development, some tiny new ones all fluffy with red heads and some a bit older coming out onto the bank foraging.  We stood for ages watching one pair of coots with five young, showing the babies how to dive for food.  The babies would be shouting for food, so the adults would push them away and dive and come up with something, the babies would try to get it, but the adult just kept diving.  A couple cottoned on and started to dive coming up all spluttery with nothing.  However, after a few tries they got the hang of it and were finding their own food.  It was fascinating to watch.  On the way back to the car passed the visitor centre and saw this gorgeous wooden statue (see extra).
Thanks to Cailleach for hosting this challenge.

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