Washing dried outside

Smells like I think heaven will do.
First time the washing lines are in action this year, it's very special.
They are airing off indoors and filling the house with sunshine smells, and spring.
We spent a good 3 hours clearing and raking and burning on a bonfire, plus burning the grassy slopes, there's a lot of garden round our house and a a lot of dead stuff.
Not any more.

I took this standing on the burnt slope, backness everywhere.
Everything stinks of fire and ash, including us.
Our neighbour came by to check all was well, fires after May 1st are frowned upon.
We are careful, the fire is in a patch of soil hemmed in my cliffs of unburnable rock.
Water is to hand.
I used to be a senior health and safety officer so the shame of letting a fire get our of control would be almost as bad as the damage!
Just had a shower and all the clothes are in the washing machine.
Could hang them out tomorrow....

The garden has never looked this ready for spring growth before.
Being people of leisure has many good points.
Under a lot of the dead grass there were fully formed leaves just waiting to be released, wonderful - so much energy.
One or two bulbs have sent out their blooms, but not many.

It wasn't as warm today, but just as sunny and breezy.
Saw a butterfly or two and our resident bumble bee (s) seem to have woken up.
We neglected the birds when we were in Portugal and they have now gone elsewhere for their food. 
I miss watching them, but you can hear them all over the place anyhow.

My ankle was going bonkers last night, Keith suggested strapping it to stop me from ripping at it. The swelling is less and it hasn't bothered me much today, so a corner has been turned I hope. One little bee sting, such a powerful little insect!

In other news: I have been political with the #Iamhere, #jagärhär group on Facebook. So much hat and horribleness, it feels good to add more positive and thoughtful things to the mix. 500 NeoNazis marched in Falun, a town in central Sweden,  on May day. It beats me how a group calling for the death of all sorts of "traitors" can be given permission to march, be protected by the police etc. 

They are incredibly, unthinkingly, history- denyingly right wing and their big plan is to dismantle democracy when they come to power, make the death penalty legal again and generally make Sweden what it once was (in their imaginations). Scary things are going on in so many places, I feel it's only right to offer resistance and alternatives. The Socialist party's marches were the biggest in our larger towns, I believe - so there are good movements too. Something I am very grateful for.

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