Cycled to and from work today. It's a single track lane most of the way, with lots of blind bends and very few passing places. On my way there there were two police cars behind me with their "blues and twos" going, which is a pain as it is hard to let them past as there aren't many passing places and you have no idea where they are until they are on top of of you. Anyhow they were quite well behaved and I managed to let them both past without too much of a delay. On the way home there were several morons, both of the white van man and insular idiots in expensive German cars...

Today's emergency blip is from a Robert & Collins dictionary. At school I did three years of French and two years of German. I wasn't as good at either as I was at science so I dropped them as soon as I could, thinking I'd have no use for a foreign language. Indeed other than one trip to Canada, I managed to avoid anywhere in the world that wasn't English speaking. Then my plans can unstuck as I met my partner, in an English speaking country, but she is French.

Sadly I've never really tried to learn French over the years, but some has gone in by osmosis if nothing else. I'm now trying very hard to learn French but it's a slow process as I have dyslexia and French like English, is one of the hardest languages for a dyslexic person to deal with, but if we want to move to France it has to be done. I picked the word in the shot for obvious reason!

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