Sunset, Cape Talbot........

.......which is situated west of Cape Londonderry, the most northern point of western Australia. Extremely remote are indeed!!

After fishing for the elusive but delicious barramundi, we cruised to this sheltered cove for a bonfire (to keep the crocs away) and sundowners. The colours in this image have not been enhanced. These are the colours of the Kimberley. 

My extra is yet another local - this time one that didn't get away. In fact we caught 3 barras which Toby, the chef, served for dinner that evening. Oh my, what a sensational meal. My favourite fish ever! 

That is Liam in the pic. He was our deckie who just happened to have a degree in Marine Biology and is looking to complete his Masters next year! Lovely bloke :)
If anyone is interested, I am using the map to indicate where we were and you can see the remoteness of the area.

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