I think I've been naughty Dave !

It was dry this morning so I got a few jobs ticked off my " to do list" in the garden.
First up was to mix up my bird food and hedgehog food as I do my own special mix for both.
Then I weeded the vegetable patch well it wasn't so much weeds but missed potatoes from last year that started to grow up through my new rows.
Then topped up the 3 big tubs where I planted 10 new potatoes with old soil and compost.
Next we headed to the pond as I had to unblock the fountain and tie up some reeds and skim the top to clear debris.
We knocked off at 11.30 both satisfied with our mornings work.
Molly goes to the vet this afternoon to have her stitches out and she'll be pleased to be free of the big collar.
I must confess that today's Blip was taken around 5pm yesterday afternoon I thought it was so good that I could not resist posting it today.
She had been digging a big hole in a rockery near my shed where I was working but unaware of what she was up to.
Here she is waiting for her bath but she wasn't happy once in it flipping and flopping all over the place but clean afterwards.
Thanks for dropping in its appreciated and I hope you have a nice day too.

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