Sam's Day

Fourteen years ago, Martine gave birth to a baby boy. During an ultrasound days before, we found out that our baby had a neural tube defect that is, as they say, incompatible with life. Ten minutes after birth, Sam died...

Quite a few years ago, we decided that May 4th should be a family day for us. To celebrate life and the impact Sam's short life has had on ours. This impact not only consists of sad memories. There is also his actual birth and the fact that we were able to hold him and love him. A very positive and fond memory for us. Our families and friends have supported us and are still there for us whenever we need it. And we are very grateful we now have three wonderful girls. Life is good.

In recent years, we have always celebrated Sam's day by having a fun day with our children. Unfortunately, this year May 4th was not a holiday for the kids, so they had to go to school. However, we will go to the Efteling tomorrow, where we will stay in the Efteling Hotel for the weekend. Should be fun!

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