Ancient aboriginal rock paintings.......

.......were the theme for today's trek. We climbed quite a way up the cliff to this cave with a level floor where the indigenous aboriginals would have lived for some of the year. Plentiful fish, wallabies, crabs, shellfish and birds to eat. And too high up for the crocodiles!
These paintings are known as gwion gwion or "Bradshaws" read more here and are thought to be around 25,000 years old. The ochre has all but disappeared so what we can see is actually the chemical reaction between the ochre and the rock over the millennia, so it is essentially a stain. Not many white people have been to this extremely remote and well hidden area. We are so lucky :)
The chap with the glasses is Tim, who was our on board naturalist. A lovely man who's knowledge of the Kimberley is astounding. He is a botanist and historian and has written at least 2 books on the area.

I am including a couple of examples of the gwion gwion in extras.
(I hope yesterday's sex scene was not too disturbing...)

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