RRTT in Chinatown

A frantic morning organising various things including Gulliver's Grade 4 Rock Guitar entry which I had missed the deadline for, his Tutor kindly registered him which meant we didn't have to pay the £15 fine on top of £57 for the actual exam. Max got confirmation of another year as lead photographer at Glastonbury, his friend Simon was his assistant last year and wasn't free so I suggested Zebedee, I got permission from the college and we are go, I think it will be an amazing experience for Zeb and great for his cv, he's a natural photographer with a great eye and he is very strong with lots of energy so he can help carry the bags around, he has never experienced anything like Glasto before, will be great! They are taking the teepee and there is talk of setting a gym up in it lol.

I went to Clapham Common to my friend Alan's house, he and our friend Barbara wanted a 'girls' day with me, they had bought lots of delicious nibbles and bubbles, we watched a movie and chatted and just generally relaxed, it was lovely, I was like a coiled spring when I arrived so it did me good, thank you you two <3. I forgot to take any photos!!

Then off to Soho to meet Phil, after trying to do some filming in Soho Square which was literally full of tramps and drunks and people behaving very oddly - for example talking to trees... we went to Soho Screening Rooms and saw a great movie called Frantz, in the aftermath of WWI, a young German who grieves the death of her fiancé in France meets a mysterious Frenchman who visits the fiancé's grave to lay flowers. As you can imagine it was very thought provoking, we both really liked it. Review coming soon! Then back home to watch a bit of tv with Max, we are watching a series called Person of Interest on Netflix which is good, it's getting more interesting as back stories are uncovered, I wouldn't say it's brilliant but it is entertaining.

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