On the Move

He's hackin' through the bracken
and his spirit isn't lackin' ...

Yes, Snail's on the move, but
you'd think he'd find a better way
than carrying his house
for a quick, slick getaway.

© Celia Warren 2017

Thank you so much for the lovely comments and stars on my yesterblipped irises - much appreciated.

Yesterday, the hall where we line-dance was being used as a polling station for local elections, so we're dancing tonight instead. Yesterday, I was on my hands and knees weeding for over 90 minutes, and today I'm very stiff. That, combined with my dodgy knee and tonight's dancing, should guarantee a weekend of uncomfortable hobbling. But it's worth it! Hope you have a good weekend, blipmates!

('Getaway' is my rhyming-with-May word in the special slant for this week's Flower Friday challenge, though not sure if bracken qualifies as a flower - better make that Fern Friday! Thanks to BikerBear for hosting the challenge.)

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