By jac1954

Can you Smell this

A Harkness Rose only a cheapy but my it has a most romantic scent
I brought this one in the first this year off of the bush,it was so low down and touching the brick surround, slugs devouring the bud,
NOT on my watch you don't lovely rose and see you don't always have to pay a lot. I have a lot of David Austin roses always bought them.
But alsa alac I keep moving and leaving them behind,breaks my heart
So~~~~~~~ I now buy cheap but I am getting my rewards.
It is things like this that give me intense pleasure ,I feel lucky that I can still see and smell and tend to such beautiful flowers . I hope I may continue for many years.
I have looked after many lovely people who can no longer look after their gardens,and I now understand completely their angst, about not being able to love your own garden any more, must break your heart..........
just a thought. 

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