My Year in Pictures

By jenny

Random surprise

At 19:43 last night a text came through from Eilidh.

"Totally random, but what are you up to tomorrow? Danny and I have a walk planned round Blenheim Palace if you're free?"

So being free (hurrah!), off we headed this morning to meet them at Hanborough Train Station!

After a "regrettably dull"* start to the walk, it was lovely walking through Woodstock (had to take in a coffee/brownie stop at one of my favourite clients!) and round Blenheim Palace (goodness me how much is it to to get in - even for just the grounds - won't be doing that in a hurry!) and back to the station for their homeward bound train.

Quite an unexpected, but completely lovely Saturday!

Especially as I've never seen white wisteria before!!! So beautiful - and oh to live in the house in extras!

* That's how the walk guide described the start of it. And it was!

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