All Change for Silly Saturday (SilS31)

So there I was thinking I ought to get myself an L bracket to make it easier to have the camera in vertical (for portraits) on the tripod ... no problem I thought - oh silly me!  

There are plenty of these brackets about, made to fit a variety of cameras, with or without a battery box attached, but they all appear to be made for the Arca Swiss quick release clamp ... so I thought I'll just buy the Manfrotto generic version, as my tripods* have Manfrotto QR clamps.

I'll let you check for yourselves how much that costs.

Yes - about the same as a reasonable travel tripod 

Still  with me?   The cost of a generic Arca Swiss type bracket, and three new QR clamps, a set of Arca Swiss plates and two adaptors to fit them to my Manfrotto ball heads ... is less than half of that!  

Silly enough for Silly Saturday? 

*Edit - could have explained that better!  

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