Who'd a thunk it?

I really wish Alice had bequeathed me her most excellent memory. 
I've just been wracking the old Grey Matter as to where the great Hairyworm I got this.

Would you believe you were looking at a close relative of the familiar "Forgetmenot"

Clicky & Jerra needed a visit to Larch Cottage at Melkinthorpe and kindly/stupidly (Delete where inapplicable) invited me. 
Alice and I reckoned the world would probably end in a flurry of pink Snow if we ever left "Melki" having bought NOWT. Looks like the world's safe for a while yet.
I've taken the liberty of placing it at Melki rather than the back garden.
Whilst siting Melkinthorpe, I notice somebody with abysmal geographic skills has misplaced it by about a mile, or 1,600 metres, or summat.

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