Seaford: Kittiwakes

The sun came out while we were at a concert in Seaford this afternoon, and after it was over we took a stroll down to where the cliffs begin at the east end of the shingle beach.

Just past the Terminal Groyne we were greeted by the onomatopoeic calls of hundreds of Kittiwakes (Rissa tridactyla) nesting on the chalk cliffs. Fortunately, my camera was at the ready when a whole host of them took flight past the sea stack, we think to ward off some predatory crows.

Today's 'Extra' of the couple walking on Seaford Beach was taken as we walked back to where we were parked: the lighthouse at the end of the west pier of Newhaven Harbour is outlined clearly through the haze, while in the far distance, one can just make out some of the seafront buildings of Brighton.

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