Casa Batllo

The amazing Gaudi was the inspiration once again for my blip on this trip to Barcelona. It is not hard to see why the Casa Batllo is rated # 2 by Trip Advisor for Barcelona attractions as it is a house like no other just as his Sagrada Familia resembles no other basilica.

Inspired by his fascination for nature every part of the house is a work of art and the shapes , colours and materials used are exquisite. Even the roof and chimneys as seen in the blip are unique. I have to admit I knew very little about Antoni Gaudi before this trip or for that matter much interest in architecture- I have loved finding out about him.

Enough of culture, in the afternoon we set off on the Metro with G & M and little Abigail to the beach where she donned her Peppa Pig swimsuit and had great fun in the sand.

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