Mrok's photo of the day

By Mrok

I accidentally speakers..

..but just because had suitable stands already at my possession. Atleast that's my explanation to Mrs.Mrok when she'll notice these coming home from the evening shift.

The speakers are vintage Tannoy Dovers with model 2558 10" DC drivers. They have some marks and scuffs in it with few corners badly damaged. The speakers were not dirty cheap but technically they are mint and sound quite nice indeed. The sealed cabinet holds the bottom end in good grip and especially when listening a bit closer and bit off-axis the balance is surprisingly good despite of the small familiar Tannoy "honk". These will be nice 2nd speakers for my set.

Back in the days I owned larger Tannoy Turberrys with bit modern 10" DC driver for several years. Sold them when decided fully to change my system for some stupid reason. Sometimes I wonder why I did even sell those as have been doing now for some time..

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