Our final night........

......in the Kimberleys and what better way to celebrate but with a sundowner whilst watching the famous Broome sunset. Nothing short of stunning. 
We came into Broome a day early because we were SHIPWRECKED!! The night before the Horizontal Falls, we were cruising and due to drop anchor at Raft Point at around 11:30pm. We were woken by a nasty scraping sound and a big thud! We had crashed into Raft Point.  Oops - the guy on watch had fallen asleep - long story - but we were all unhurt, no sharks or crocs involved just a very embarrassed and upset young man. They flew another skipper out in the chopper and he dived on the hull and reckoned we were ok to sail as the bulkhead was intact and the pumps were holding. A little disconcerting for all concerned but hopefully no heads will roll because of it.
And so endeth the Kimberley Adventure...................where to next?????????

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