Where the Light Gets In

By DHThomas

Post election walk

called out of a bog
dirty paws and guilty face
well -- not the latter

Jean-Pierre, Vicky and I usually meet in my village on Mondays but, as it was a holiday (celebrations of the end of WWII), the Café des Sports was closed. So we met in another village, closer to Jean-Pierre"s. After our usual banter over coffee, we went for a walk in the nearby woods. Vicky wandered, as is her wont. At one point, Jean-Pierre called her back and she didn't come. She was out of our sight, so he walked back a little and found her wallowing in a very muddy bog...

Here she is, coming out ot of it after a few summons, showing not an ounce of guilt...

She was first threatened with having to go in the back of the truck but, when she refused to hop in said back, Jean-Pierre relented, claiming that he had to clean the cabin anyway... :-D I love these two and their interaction.

Extra: Vicky having a snack in the café - she's a star there, everyone feeds her biscuits etc. It can't hurt her much now, she's 13 after all, quite a ripe age for a retriever.

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