Too Much Time

After a visit to the supermarket I called in at Hazlehead Park. The day was cloudy and overcast, the sunshine yesterday is but a distant memory. As I stopped at the car park scores (possible slight exaggeration) of gardeners were set free from the administration building and were turned loose upon the park. So much activity on the gardening front ensued.

Given the uninteresting sky I put the camera in full manual mode, something I seldom do, so I could under expose the pictures and get more sky detail. Once loaded into the computer I proceeded to play with this image, to the extent I do not remember everything I have done to it. Needless to say the tree, though it was pink, was well past its best, and so the colour was nothing like it appears here. Even more obviously there is a transition from colour to sepia. I think I must have too much time on my hands, or more to the point I should be using my time more productively!

Earlier I was looking at some photographs taken by somebody in the Lake Como area, I must try to see if I can reproduce some of the effects I saw there. Some of his photographs can be seen here.

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