Caen Hill (Monday 8th May 2017)

The poor swans at Monument Lock are now on their third clutch of eggs, their previous eggs having been stolen. According to reports, the swans were held back by a stick while their nests were raided. The female swan has been patiently sitting on her nest for months now, and is currently incubating four eggs (see Extra). I do hope she is successful. The matter is being investigated by the police and the RSPB and if caught the culprit could face a custodial sentence.

As usual, the swan on the nest let me get as close as I wanted, while the cob swan displayed proudly in the side pond amongst a group of children in boats.

Elsewhere on the Caen Hill Locks another pen swan has at least one cygnet. I've seen a photograph but haven't been able to find where the nest is - probably further up the canal between the Black Horse and Devizes Wharf.

I wandered down to Foxhangers keeping an eye out for the other swan family and took a picture of some buttercups next to a lock gate (see second Extra), and somewhere along the way my glasses became detached from around my neck and haven't been found, despite retracing my steps twice.

10.5.2017 (2211 hr)

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A Visit To Devizes, 8 May 2017 (Flickr album of 19 images)

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