The World Through My Eyes

By Marlieske

I heard it

through the grapevine... 
When I was watching the big birds  a few weeks ago, someone told me a little secret... Somewhere nearby are standing two F-84 aircraft wrecks... Still on military ground, so hard to get close to them... So there I went this morning, armed with my bike and camera... and I found them and I had the chance to photograph them... Standing balancing on my luggage carrier of my bike, leaning against the fence, camera between the barbed wire...Click, click, click... grumpf ... lost my balance... no strength left to balance again. So lens against the gauze, and fingers, toes and eyes crossed... Of course there is more in the extras after such a perilous venture... I made a promise to myself, never to do it again when alone...

Thank you all so much for all your lovely comments and stars for yesterdays Blip! They all are highly appreciated... Xxx

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