Which way do I go.....

Things started to go down hill after yesterday when my boss changed what I was supposed to do because of a driver that is sick..

I get to the yard, pick up the trailer and a big amber light on the trailer says my anti lock brakes don't work.. Since they default to manual I pulled the fuse and away I went..

70 miles down the road and the drivers side windshield wiper decides it doesn't want to clean the window anymore. It flew off into the forest somewhere... Although it was raining very hard at 02:00, at least there was a 24 hour fuel station 6 miles down the road. The only wiper blade they had was 2 inches shorter than the other one.. My truck has a little "character" now..

The first stop was very easy even though the customer took forever..

My second / last stop though... The first clue was as I rounded a corner many signs that said road closed. All traffic must turn right.. After a  flurry of phone calls, I was told to ignore the sign but lock the tires in 4 wheel driver and be careful..Weaving around many things, in the mud, rough ground, and... I found the customer. I asked "Where do I turn around?" Right where I was.. Something unnatural about having your trailer tires go backwards while the truck goes forward.. That tight of a turn.. then a partial blindside up a dirt hill... Unloaded and now I had to go back through the mess.. 

One mile after I got back on the pavement a tire blew...  Needless to say I won't make it back home tonight..

To answer the question.. I went out the entrance and not the exit.. I found out later the exit is for 8 foot wide or less.. I am 8.5 feet wide...

One more day till the weekend...

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