Oh no!

My sister bought be this for my 14th birthday; so it's almost <ahem> 30 years old </ahem>.

Well, I suppose I should expect the pages to start falling out.

I love IT.

I might have to buy a new copy ( or scour a second hand bookshop for one ), but I love the super thing bible style pages.

It's been read repeatedly, and it never fails to entrance me when I read it.

I might go to the film to see it, but it won't be the same. I never really got the Tim Curry version, as IT didn't match my expectations of IT. (hmmm, I'm getting confused on my capitalisation!).

But I guess it's like all these things, your imagination can paint far scarier images, than a film of the same book can ever bring about.

On a related note; I am actually looking forward to the Dark Tower film, even though I don't think it will be an adaptation of the books as I imagine them, but rather a story based on some of the tenents of those stories.

Ha, red wiggly under tenents! Apparently my language is obsolete from the 1600's. Pah! I like it that way.

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