Today has been expensive. I started with mowing the rear lawn, even though it's been cold and dry it had still grown quite a bit so it was die for a hair cut. We planned to go shopping so it was a good opportunity to take the green waste to the recycling centre. The shopping was mostly routine groceries and green groceries, nothing outlandish, indeed several things were on deals or were totally free, but even so it cost a fortune - brexflation (Brexit induced inflation) is really pouring into the economy and we've not even left yet.

We then went to the DIY shop to get some bit to replace two broke fence sections, more expense! I arrived home with a word out card and large whole in my wallet!

I took a few pictures in the garden, and I think this one is the best, it's not exactly the best aquilegia/columbine picture I've every taken, but I still like it.

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