By wellsforzoe

A great beginning

11th May 2017:

It may not look like much, but for a community forgotten by the Government, the NGO's and maybe the world, this is a wonderful beginning, bringing children to school at three and then hoping they can move the Primary school at the old age of six. (And they're working on a Primary School)
No matter where we talk to women's groups, their first dream is to have clean water, but a close second is to have preschools. 
These amazing women realise that education might be the only way for their children to have any possibility of a better life.

VISIT WITH THE LISAP. (Alfred and Miriam)
Livingstonia Synod Aids Program (LISAP), invited Wells for Zoe to be a stakeholders in their Development programme. We might be the development programme.
The development impact that Wells for Zoe has made to various communities, in the vicinity  attracted the LISAP  to invite it to meeting held in Nkhatabay District . The main objective was to assess the community needs where Wells for Zoe can manage to assist.
Alfred Banda, responsible for pumps and Milliam responsible for Pre-schools attended the meetings. The first meeting were held at Changatole and all the Chiefs keenly attended the meetings and it was discovered that main challenge in the area was accessibility of clear water. The situation is pathetic and needs urgent attention. What was so pleasing is that people were ready to dig wells. Alfred however advised that July would be the best time to start when the water table will be lower.
The other challenges in this area are unavailability of Maize mills or a Clinic.
Six pre-schools with temporary structures have been built. So they have requested training for the carers which Miriam has promised to begin immediately, firstly by going the the villages and then inviting them to come to a few days training the Centre for Learning. This will mean overnight stays, but as usual our teams will manage that.
They requested for fruit trees to be planted around these schools to improve the diet of the children in an area where there is little fruit.
Later in the process our Farm and Forestry teams will visit to discuss what they are planning.
We only work with people who have made a start and only on their plans.

Nothing will not happen overnight. It will be a long and sometimes painful process, but it is the only way. People have to empower themselves, but we will be there, with them, sometimes to carry them, sometimes to give them a little kick in the bum, sometimes to just journey with them.

We will be working with amazing women, barely clinging to the edge of existence, BUT watch what happens when they get Clean, Safe Drinking Water.  They take off.

Ourselves and all out team are so delighted to be involved and get a front row view of the transformation.

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