I was mildly surprised when I got up when I woke up and started getting ready, then again when the door-creak and scampering noises turned out to be Edgar getting up to head to the Skelf, rather than Amos getting up to come through and wave his pyjama trousers at us. The only thing Edgar has previously shown any enthusiasm for getting up early for was coming through to lie across both our pillows and kick us in the heads during his pre-school early-waking phase. Amos did trundle out a couple of minutes later but was unusually able to be put straight back to bed. We were out of the house just after seven and on-site just after half-past seven, where the only other people were a family of parents on skateboards and children on bikes. We were then back home before normal​ school start time and available for allotmenting for the rest of the day.

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