Female Redwing Blackbird

The Female Blackbird is beautiful ....so unlike the male, who is handsome in a totally different way. I have been fooled by the female before.... wondering what it was. Being confused doesn't feel great........
I am feeling a bit confused.....I have forgotten some important things lately. It is distressing. I have been concerned about my husband's memory for awhile.....but now I am more concerned that I am forgetful too. Is it normal forgetfulness or is it something else; how does anyone know for sure? Why do I resist writing everything down?      Perhaps because I have forgotten things that i would never have thought to write down, like where I set down a SD card or where I left my shoes. So, do I simply become more diligent about writing down things, always AND be more aware of what I am doing? Or do I make a doctor appointment? No, don't answer that.....I have to figure this out myself....I am okay, right? Life is good. Let it go, right? Don't worry.....go on and all will be okay, right? Okay, I have convinced myself to wait and see......pay attention.......be aware. I am probably just normally forgetful. Thanks for letting me carry on.....I suppose feeling sorry for myself? I hope not. Maybe just not getting good sleep? Staying up too late? Okay, no more ranting on about this. I should erase this and start over with just the "life is good" stuff. But for some reason I need someone to know how I am feeling....so anyone who hung in and actually read all of this, you are my confidant...thanks!

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