creative lenna

By creativelenna

shaking it off

Because the great white egrets visit our canal daily, I have lots of opportunities to photograph them . . . and take lots of photos! They like to hang out across the canal from us, where the extra bait fish are dropped. I have to zoom in, in order to catch them and so I was surprised when I took the photos out of my camera and realized what I shot.

If you are viewing with a small screen, a larger screen will afford a better view for this; the bird is shaking his head to get the water off of his beak! He must have just caught a small fish . . . I love how the water drops are swirling around in the air. Not a bad photo for not even knowing that was what I was photographing besides the bird! The extra photo I have added below shows the 2 white egrets that visit us hanging out on the charter captains dock & lift together, without fighting. Previously they flew at each other and chased the other bird away, probably feeling threatened about their food source. I am glad to see them co-inhabiting the space, as their are plenty of fish for the 2 of them! 

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