Coopers Island Nature Reserve

always a danger letting Pete get his hands on the camera...

We really have had a day of paradise and angels.  

Elizabeth, the absolutely delightful owner of our poolside heaven drove us to Coopers Island nature reserve this morning.   
Unspoiled beaches, hardly another soul about.

Later, we visited Carter House, the oldest building on St Davids Island  (built 1640).  We had been the only visitors today and the guide, Lynn, was thrilled that we tipped up and showed such an interest.   She welled up with tears when we left.   

Later, later, when we were trudging along in the middle of nowhere, another angel, Willoughby Richardson "I'm in the book so just holler"  pulled up beside us and insisted on driving us back to our place.  He talked non stop and was highly entertaining.

   Willoughby Richardson
  Lynn from Carter House showing Pete how rain water is  collected and stored

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