For the children

This striking and attractive new mural has appeared on one of the walls bordering Pilrig Park and it is inspired by the children of Pilrig Park school. This is a school for special needs children, and it is located just behind this wall.

Snapped on the way home after a relatively short day at work, which included several catch-ups, treating my "documenting" co-worker to lunch, and the surprise of receiving flowers by post from Fortnum & Mason at the office. I had to call Mr A to come in by car to take them home as I suspected they wouldn't be alive by next week if I didn't get them out of their wrapping and the gel the stalks were submersed in.

I'm not sure who sent them. The printed card was "signed" "Nina" (but it had obviously been dictated or entered in an online form), and I think the message in the card was a reference to some discussions we had on Tuesday. But there was no "Nina" at that meeting. So are Fortnum & Mason confused? And, let's face it, anyone who can send F&M flowers by post must have a pretty big corporate pocket to reach in to....All very mysterious.

Further exchanges with the other EU lawyers who were at the meeting on Tuesday revealed no additional insights.

Anyway, they are lovely and I may blip them tomorrow.

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