Explaining Pokémon to Gran

The children have been celebrating their birthdays (18th and 20th May) this weekend. They had a party yesterday, and apparently this was the last year of having a joint party, as they want separate ones next year. Simone (now seven) felt that the boys were way too rowdy with the piñatas yesterday!
I'd had a message from Jonathan saying he was planning to take them around to Gran's for morning tea and presents at 10.30 this morning, if I'd like to join in. I arrived at 10.31 and found no sign of Jonathan's car, which I thought was surprising. Gran was in a terrible flap, having difficulty wrapping up the presents, and saying that she thought 10.30am was 'far too early'. I helped her finish the giftwrapping, laid the table and then went on a quick dash to the corner shop for some milk to give the kids.
When I arrived back, the others were still not there; they turned up at exactly 11am. Apparently Jonathan had phoned at 10.25 to say they were on their way, but Gran had said it was too soon, so they'd gone to play on the swings for half-an-hour!  Anyway, they were very pleased with their gifts: books from Gran, chosen with help from Jonathan last Saturday - when I called in and found the neighbour watching TV with Naani! – and fancy pencil cases and a jigsaw from us.  This photo was taken when Alexander (now eight) was explaining Pokémon characters from his new book to Gran.

While the kids were amusing themselves with their birthday presents, Jonathan and I managed to have a chat with Gran about a few things that need to be sorted out, to do with legal and financial stuff. We also discussed what might happen when the time comes that she can no longer drive her car, and she was pleased to know that there's a company in town that offers a driving service for seniors, which is great. 

As we were leaving, Gran's 83-year-old neighbour B. came bustling out of her house in her running shoes, and asked whether we could put out the bottles for glass recycling, as the truck comes at 8am and Gran often forgets. "She hasn't put them out for five weeks," she said. Jonathan hadn't seen them anywhere, but B. was insistent that there was a black bag full of them, which was duly found, and dealt with. B. then asked when Gran's walker would be arriving, and how much help she's getting in the house, before heading off to assist another neighbour with a few things. She's an amazing woman. She told us she keeps a daily diary, noting the weather conditions, so that she can check back and see when the first frost was, five years ago, if she needs to!

I suppose that's a bit like blip. It's thanks to blip that I know the exact date on which I purchased the electric blanket that was our Christmas present to Gran, and which, as it turns out, is the wrong size for her bed. It remains to be seen whether the shop will exchange it…. Luckily a friend of mine was on duty when I went in this afternoon and he's going to have a word with the manager.

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