This should be the nymph of a speckled bush cricket (if I've identified it correctly). I spotted it climbing up a blade of grass when I was picking dandelion leaves for Rosie. It was very small and never stayed still for more than a second.

It's been a rather a busy day off today. Just before 11 am I left for work to join the rest of the staff to say our goodbyes to one of our younger colleagues whose last day it was with us as she's going to look for a new job closer to home. We also gave her a hamper filled with things that we knew she likes to eat and drink.

It took me double the normal time to get there as not all buses run as frequently on Sunday as they do during the week and I was glad that I didn't have to face the same long journey home as another colleague was going to drive me back. I then went for a walk to pick dandelion leaves for Rosie and when I was home again, I did a few jobs around the apartment before finally sitting down.

A big thank you for the kind comments and stars on yesterday's blip.

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